MURGASH 88 LTD was established in 2014, the main purpose of the company is to satisfy the wishes of the modern clients in the modern and traditional trade sphere.

For the past two years, the company’s development has been rapid and dynamic since the company’s founding principles are loyalty, innovation and flexibility.

At the moment MURGAS 88 LTD is one of the leading companies for distribution, wholesaling, marketing and distribution of food products in the capital Sofia, Bulgaria and the region.

For those years, both owners and all employees have done their best to gain the necessary experience and to build up traditions in the field of trade and distribution.

During this period, the company, along with the rapidly changing market environment, changed and perfected its operations, becoming a major distributor of leading brands of leading food industry manufacturers.

Our main partners are: “EKO MES” LTD with trademark EKO MES, “SAMI-M” LTD with the trade mark SAMI-M, “DENITO” LTD with the trade mark DENITO, “JOSI” LTD with the trademark JOSI, “TANDEM B”LTD with trademark TANDEM, “KREMIO” EAD with trademark MAY DAY, “MERONE-N” LTD with trade mark “MERONE,  “MILK PRODUCTS” LTD with the trade mark MANOLE and others.

Our refrigerated warehouse is located in the village of Gurmazovo.We have chosen this area as a dynamically evolving, developed communication and transport network which provides us with speed and accuracy in the delivery.

Currently, our warehouse is located on a plot of 6000 sq.m. , with built-up area of 2000 sq.m. and refrigeration area of 1400 sq.m.
Out staff includes 120 young and motivated people , 25 of them are sales representatives aged between 19 and 45. They are all responsible, willing to develop, and full of desire to improve professionally by learning new things.

At the moment we have 38 refrigerated trucks and 25 commercial cars. Our distribution network covers both the city of Sofia and the region of Sofia province and we cover over 2500 delivery points.

We work directly with customers from the network of small stores as well as with almost all key customers and large retail chains. We provide them with timely and quality deliveries.

All delivery points (small shops, supermarkets ,big retail chains, cafes and restaurants are visited by a sales representative who monitors good customer communication, timely collection of orders, and quality of deliveries.

We do our best to be the loyal mediator between the manufacturer and the final consumer.

Truck drivers are personally committed to the quality of delivery, as with good references received from our customers, distinguished by them, they get the opportunity to work as sales representatives.

At present, we have about 2500 clients, hoping to keep up with our development trend and to increase at the end of the year.

We are aware of the difficulties that modern trade carries, but we set clear, concrete and achievable goals, and by 2018 our goal is to grow by 30%.

We have the will, the passion and the patience to develop, to expand the portfolio of the goods we offer, the number of our clients and the staff.

For this we know that in our everyday life we must be led by high professionalism, mutual trust with our clients and suppliers, investment in staff training and striving for constant improvement and upgrade.

We know that with constant effort and work we can provide a service at European level!

The management of MURGAS 88 LTD